FenCon VII - September 17-19, 2010 - Dallas, Texas

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A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Guests of Honor: Spider & Jeanne Robinson*

Music Guests of Honor: Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff

Fen Guests of Honor: Kevin Roche & Andrew Trembley

Artist Guest of Honor: John Picacio

Science Guest of Honor: John Randall

Toastmaster: Joe R. Lansdale

Special Guest: Jessica Wade

Special Guest: Robert J. Sawyer

plus many more guests

September 17-19, 2010

Crowne Plaza North Dallas - Addison, Texas

This is the online archive of our 2010 website. Please also visit our current website.

FenCon News and Notes

*On the Robinsons: Guest of Honor Spider Robinson will be attending FenCon VII 'virtually'. We'll have two-way video links so Spider can join us for key events, sit in on select panels, and interact with the fen all weekend. More details coming soon.

The amazing Jeanne Robinson died on May 30th after a long struggle with cancer. Although with us only in spirit, Jeanne is still our honored guest.

FenCon VII: Mad Science!

Thanks for the memories: Lots of folks have written some really nice things about FenCon VII. One of our favorites is the article on the Pegasus News site by Mike Bullock. Plus, lots of great pics were taken by X Marks the Scot and by our pal Bobby Hitt. More to come!

You gave, you rock: Wow. The good folks at Carter BloodCare told us they hoped to collect 20 units of blood during Saturday's blood drive. The fen lined up and donated 40 units of life-saving blood. Plus, through purchases of our charity print by the amazing John Picacio and at our annual charity auction, you gave over $1230 to help them continue to serve the people of North Central and East Texas.

It's over: FenCon VII is in the history books now and we'd like to thank all of the dedicated volunteers, staff, and guests who made this possible. Thanks to the fen for making this our biggest year ever and inspiring us to go big again next year. Watch this site over the next few weeks for all the details on FenCon VIII in 2011.

We love to give: Our annual charity efforts seek to help a local North Texas group that can effect positive change in our community. Our designated charity for FenCon VII is Carter BloodCare, Texas' largest blood center, providing more than 330,000 units of lifesaving blood components for patients annually. Learn more on our 2010 charity page.

Carter BloodCare logo

FenCon is of the fen, by the fen, and for the fen.

Party people: Want to throw a party at FenCon? You must let us know first so we can make sure you're on the "party floor". Any parties that are not on the second floor may be shut down by the hotel. If you are throwing a party, send a note to hotel@fencon.org and include your name, your confirmation number, and what your party is for. This will also allow us to promote your party in the at-con newsletter.

Spread the word: Need to tell friends, neighbors, and folks you meet about FenCon? Our top scientists have devised the "FenCon Color Flyer" for online distribution and the "FenCon Monochrome Flyer" for printing on light blue or green paper, both in a handy PDF format, to fill this understandable desire.

FenCon Color Flyer

FenCon Monochrome Flyer

Older news and notes are in the Archive

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Our main contact address is info@fencon.org. Please include the word "FenCon" in your subject line to avoid our spam-filter. You can find more contact information on our Contact Information page.

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