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A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Fan Table - Sci-Fi Expo 2004

Richardson, Texas, July 10-11, 2004: We went to Sci-Fi Expo to meet and greet local fans while alerting them to the existence of FenCon. We really enjoyed hanging out with our fellow fans and getting the celebrities to pose with Joe Dalek. We answered questions about FenCon, handed out hundreds of flyers and pieces of candy, and signed up some new members and Friends of the Fen. Thanks again and we hope to see all of you in September. Enjoy the photos.

Click on a photo to see a much larger version.

Fnas gather at Sci-Fi Expo 2004

Excited fans at Sci-Fi Expo 2004

Mike and a fan and Joe at Sci-Fi Expo 2004

The day begins at Sci-Fi Expo and the crowd rolls in.

They're happy to find out about a literary SF and fantasy convention with filk in north Texas.

Mike gets some help telling a fan all about FenCon 2004.

Tim and Jay and Joe at Sci-Fi Expo 2004

Russ and Tim at Sci-Fi Expo 2004

Julie and Erin at Sci-Fi Expo 2004

A quiet moment for Tim and Jay (and Joe) before the doors open for day two.

Those t-shirts carry an important question.

Lovely people but we're bringing in authors, musicians, and scientists.

Click on a photo to see a much larger version.

Do you recognize a person in these photos that we didn't identify in the caption? Do you have photos to contribute? Do you have a story about the event that you'd like to tell? Please send us an e-mail.

Last updated 05 September 2004