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A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is FenCon?

A: FenCon is a literary science fiction and fantasy convention with quite a lot of filk programming, some science programming, an outstanding collection of guests, and members like you.

Q: Larry Niven? THE Larry Niven?

A: Yes. FenCon is thrilled to welcome this multiple-Hugo winning and Nebula-winning legend of science fiction to Dallas. Oh, and to answer your next question, we asked him and he said yes.

Q: What is a Friend of the Fen?

A: These are the folks who believed in us early and bought their memberships as much as 18 months before FenCon 2004. Their memberships allowed us to put together the amazing guest lineup and other things that make us who we are. We reward our friends with free stuff and special privileges. Maybe you can be our friend next year.

Q: What is filk?

A: Filk is folksinging, often with a science fiction and/or fantasy theme. The songs can be original, parodies, or based on other songs. The term 'filk' comes from a typo in a 1972 Worldcon program book. Filk was typed instead of folk, and the singers took the term as their own.

Q: Will there be a costume contest?

A: Yes, but we're calling it a cabaret since it involves more than dressing up as your favorite Timelord and/or Minbari. You can perform or do a skit or so much more than a simple costume contest. We've already scheduled some fascinating acts plus a project we can only call the AGDFSH for now.

Q: Will there be an art show?

A: Not this year, but we're definitely doing one in 2005. It's a lot of work to start a new convention and, from experience, we know it's almost as much work to start a new art show. So we decided to get things rolling in '04 before we committed to an art show for '05. And this is us committing to one in '05. Details to come.

Q: Why should I stay at the con hotel?

A: The long answer is on the hotel page. The short answer is that it's safer, more convenient, and helps the con keep function space costs down.

Q: Are you the same group that does ConDFW?

A: No. We love those guys but they're a whole different group. We attend their convention and they have promised to attend ours but there's no connection beyond the fact that we're all fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Q: Did you throw a room party at ConDFW in 2003?

A: Yes! It was our first public event and a great time was had by all. You can relive the excitement on the ConDFW 2003 Room Party pictures page.

Q: Did you throw a room party at ConDFW in 2004?

A: Yes. One year older and the con committee was ready to do it all over again. See what you missed on the ConDFW 2004 Room Party pictures page.

Q: Did you throw a room party at Roc*Kon in 2004? What about Conestoga 8 and ArmadilloCon 26?

A: Yes, sort-of, and yes. We want people to know that FenCon is for everybody, not just fans who happen to live in D/FW. It doesn't matter where you live, you should come to FenCon. See if we snapped a photo of you by visiting the Roc*Kon 2004 Room Party pictures page, the Conestoga 2004 Fan Table pictures page, or the ArmadilloCon 2004 Room Party pictures page.

Q: Did you have a fan table at Sci-Fi Expo in Richardson?

A: Yes, because we want as many people from the metroplex to know about FenCon, even the ones who might have missed us at a more traditional fan-run conevntion. Check us out on the Sci-Fi Expo 2004 Fan Table pictures page.

Q: Was that you guys at Worldcon in Boston?

A: Yes, you might have run into one of our many committee members or guests at Worldcon. We didn't throw our own room party but we did help out at the Texas Fandom party and we welcome those fans who found us for the first time at that party. We'll post photos from the party when we get 'em.

Q: Will you throw a room party at (name of convention)?

A: We're done for 2004 (whew!) but for 2005 we'll be throwing room parties at conventions all over the region including cons in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. To find out when and where, keep an eye on our news and notes page.

Q: Can my group throw a room party at FenCon?

A: Heck yes! We're proud to welcome the Kansas City in 2009 Worldcon Bid plus the folks from Linucon and several other groups who have already let us know they're planning to throw a room party at FenCon 2004. We do have a few simple rules/requests and you get all that info by e-mailing us at

Q: Why haven't you answered my question?

A: Only because you haven't asked us yet. As people ask us stuff, we will keep adding to this page. So ask us questions and we'll answer them.

Last updated 11 September 2004