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Game on!

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FenCon offers a range of role-playing games and board games for folks from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty!

* Play for fun! Play for Prizes! * No experience needed! * We teach! *
Get complete gaming information at www.fencongaming.org - including game schedule, game descriptions and game room layout - or visit the friendly staff and volunteers in our game room!

In our gaming area - just steps away from the rest of the FenCon excitement - you will find a world of tabletop wonders!

  • Magical Journey In Gaming Passport - Play different games, collect stamps on your free passport, and enter the prize drawing!
  • Learn to Play Events - Our friendly volunteers will happily teach you how to play the listed board games.
  • Scheduled Games - Our friendly volunteers are running some of their favorite games! Can you best them at their game of choice? No experience needed! They will explain the rules and teach the games!
  • Tournaments - Feeling rather competitive? Come test your skill in our board game tournaments! Details and cost - if any - listed in the event description..
  • Gaming WTF Events - That is, Gaming With Tiffany Franzoni Events. Test your skill against our own beloved Tiffany Franzoni, our FenCon XIII gaming guest of honor, and the other wonderful members of Meeple Solutions!
  • Game Library - Offering a range of board games for your enjoyment, from the private collections of our game staff! Whether you want to learn a new game or are looking for something to do in between panels, our Game Library is the place to go! We will have a cache of board games available for you to check out, learn and play. We also have some volunteers who are excited to join you in the game, and even teach the rules as needed! Our library will be stocked, so you can play whatever and whenever you want!
  • Gaming Related Programming - Take a break from your tabletop fun, and check out some of our gaming related programs featuring our gaming guest of honor, Tiffany Franzoni. Watch FenCon Squares, get the latest information on Meeple Solutions, join us for FenCon's Evil Genius: Deathray Match, catch the FenCon Pokémon GO meetups and more!


  • All non-tournament gaming, including borrowing games from the game library, is free for all members of FenCon and the Dallas Future Society.
  • If there are any fees for tournament gaming, those fees will be noted in that tournament's event info.
  • Keep your eye on the gaming website (www.fencongaming.org) schedule page, and check the gaming room for gaming news and updates! Good gaming opportunities are added often, even through out the con at player request!

Gaming at FenCon can be a fun experience for everyone!
NOTE: For their safety and security, children under 12 MUST have adult supervision while in the gaming room at all times.

Gaming Hours:

  • Friday: 1pm - 10pm
  • Saturday: 10am - 10pm
  • Sunday: 10am - 4pm
  • Library Area: Continuous open play from 1pm Friday - 4pm Sunday




zRoom of Requirement

8:00 PM

  Pokemon Go Meetup
  • T. Franzoni *

8:30 PM


9:00 PM

GoH Gaming - Evil Genius: Deathray
  • T. Franzoni *

10:00 PM




aTrinity V


10:00 AM

FenCon Squares
  • D. Afsharirad
  • Dantzel Cherry
  • R. Clement
  • J. DeLaughter
  • R. Eudaly
  • Mi. Finn
  • Ma. Finn
  • T. Franzoni
  • K. Turski

11:00 AM

  The Ins and Outs of Pokemon Go
  • T. Franzoni *

12:00 PM




cTrinity VII

zRoom of Requirement

10:30 AM

  Pokemon Go! Meet up (Lobby)
  • T. Franzoni

11:00 AM

Gaming is all About Community
  • T. Franzoni *

12:00 PM

  Miniatures Workshop (Beginner's painting)
  • L. Stahl

2:00 PM

  Miniatures Workshop (Beginner Basing)
  • L. Stahl

3:30 PM


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