Game on!

Roll 9d20 for excitement: At FenCon, we have games for folks from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty. This year, we have a larger gaming area just steps away from the rest of the FenCon excitement!

Games Library: If you want to learn a new game or just looking for something to do in between panels, our Games Library is the place to go! We will have a cache of board games for you to learn and play available to you. Our library will be stocked, so you can play whatever and whenever you want!

All non-tournament gaming is free for all members of FenCon and the Dallas Future Society. As always, there will be more gaming opportunities announced on-site during the convention. Check the gaming room for gaming news and updates. Gaming at FenCon can be a fun experience for everyone!

NOTE: For their safety and security, children under 12 MUST have adult supervision while in the gaming room at all times.

Gaming Hours:

  • Friday: 1pm - Midnight
  • Saturday: 9am - Misnight
  • Sunday: 9am - 4pm
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NOTE: Our staff is busy putting the finishing touches on our awesome tabletop gaming schedule. Watch this space!




9:00 PM

FenCon Goes Nuclear!
  • T. Franzoni
  • Ka. Pajak
  • M.Sims
  • R. Loomis *

10:00 PM




aTrinity V



10:00 AM

FenCon Squares
  • K. Antell
  • R. Eudaly
  • Mi. Finn
  • Ma. Finn
  • V. Kennedy
  • A. Martinez
  • Tr. Morris
  • R. Rogers
  • M.Sims *

11:00 AM


12:00 PM

   What's New at Flying Buffalo Games
  • R. Loomis *

1:00 PM


5:00 PM

  Indie Games: All They Need is Love...and Your Cash
  • R. Loomis
  • A. Martinez
  • M.Sims *

6:00 PM




aTrinity V

11:00 AM

One on One With Rick Loomis
  • R. Loomis
  • T. Franzoni *

12:00 PM


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