Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who helped make FenCon XII a success this year.

To the Fen who followed us to the new hotel: Thank you for your support. We can't hold this convention without you!

To the Guests and Program Participants: Thank you for attending and helping us provide great programming!

To the Staff and Volunteers: Thanks, and get some sleep!

To everyone we missed in this post (yep, we're sleep deprived today): Thank you. 

We'll be rolling over to a new site soon, and in the meantime here's a list of guests we have lined up so far:

Guest of Honor: Jim C. Hines

Music Guests of Honor: Bill and Brenda Sutton

Fen Guest of Honor: Sara Felix

Toastmaster: Esther Friesner

Science Guest of honor: Michael S. Brotherton

And more to come!

Our theme: Magical Journeys. 

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