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A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

FenCon Guests and Program Participants

Lois McMaster Bujold - Guest of Honor Guest of Honor: Lois McMaster Bujold
(My Space) (The Bujod Nexus) (Wikipedia) Lois McMaster Bujold was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1949. She started writing for professional publication in 1982. Her first three SF novels were all published in 1986 by Baen Books. Bujold went on to write the Nebula-winning Falling Free (1988) and many other books featuring her popular character Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, his family, friends, and enemies. The series includes three Hugo Award-winning novels, and her books have been translated into twenty-one languages. Bujold currently lives in Minneapolis.

Music Guest of Honor: Carla Ulbrich
(CarlaU.com) (Wikipedia) (Pegasus Awards) Carla Ulbrich is no stranger to FenCon. If you were at our first two conventions you no doubt remember her witty musical take on wedgies, Klingons, Waffle House, missing buttocks and girlfriends, and how rich she would be if she had the copyright on the 'F' Word. The self described "Professional Smart Aleck" has been compared to a musical combination of Seinfeld, Weird Al and a Bologna sandwich. Originally from Clemson, South Carolina, Carla is currently living in New Jersey (insert your own punchline here) with her husband (also a talented musician and FenCon guest) Joe Giacoio. She actually does this music thing professionally and is a regular performer at SF conventions, coffeehouses, and, oddly, medical conventions where she is billed as "the Singing Patient." Her fifth album "Live From Planet Earth" should be released in time for FenCon this year.She has a book of humorous essays coming out in 2010 called, How Can You Not Laugh at a Time Like This?
Carla Ulbrich - Music Guest of Honor

Kurt Miller - Artist Guest of Honor Artist Guest of Honor: Kurt Miller
(Kurt Miller Illustration Studio) Kurt graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication and he has been in the visual communication field since 1990. As an in house Lead Illustrator for Avalon Hill he was allowed full control to illustrate entire board game packages. Later Kurt ventured into the computer world and went on board with a computer game company, Talonsoft. Currently Kurt is a fulltime freelance Illustrator as the owner of KMI Studio, LLC in the town of York, Pensylvania. He resides there with his beloved wife Elena and his two dogs, Willy and Cyan.

Fen Guest of Honor: Warren Buff
Warren Buff is our Fen Guest of Honor for 2009. Warren got his first taste of organized fandom through the SF club at his high school, and hasn't taken a break since. His real breakthrough, though, came on a rather hungover Sunday morning when he stumbled into a panel room to take advantage of the chairs and free water, and learned that there was a lot more to do at cons than just gaming. Now he's chairing a convention (StellarCon 33), serving as president of the Southern Fandom Confederation, and co-chairing the Raleigh in 2010 NASFiC bid. He also edits the Southern Fandom Confederation Bulletin.
Warren Buff - Fen Guest of Honor

Paul Cornell - Toastmaster Toastmaster: Paul Cornell
(House of Awkwardness) (Wikipedia) Paul Cornell is an SF and fantasy writer, with novels, short stories, television and comics to his name. He's written three episodes of the new Doctor Who ("Human Nature," "Father's Day") and Captain Britain and MI-13, Dark Reign: Young Avengers, and X-Men: The Begnning for Marvel comics. His novels are Something More and British Summertime. Paul and several of his author friends once had their names used in a World War II comic strip in Commando Picture Library, written by someone none of them knew. 'Leave me, Paul Cornell, go on without me and just try to survive this stinking war!' said fellow Doctor Who novelist Martin Day.

Special Guest: Keith R.A. DeCandido
(DeCandido.net) (Wikipedia) (LiveJournal) Born in the Bronx to a pack of wild librarians, Keith was forced into a career in publishing and over the past two decades he's been a writer, editor, book packager, musician, TV host, anthologist, podcaster, and karateka. His work ranges from novels to comic books to short fiction to eBooks to nonfiction, most in various media universes. In 2005, he novelized Joss Whedon's Serenity and his recent or forthcoming work includes novels in the Star Trek universe, the ongoing Farscape comic book series, and the StarCraft: Ghost Academy manga series. Keith is also the percussionist for the parody band the Boogie Knights, one of the hosts of the pop-culture podcast The Chronic Rift, and a brown belt in Kenshikai karate.
Keith R.A. DeCandido - Special Guest

Howard Waldrop Special Guest: Howard  Waldrop
(Wikipedia) Howard Waldrop was scheduled to be our Toastmaster last year, and was unable to make it. We're pleased to announce that he's joining us this year! Howard sold his first story in 1969 and since then he's published two full novels, several novellas, and eight short story collections. Coming soon: The Moone World (Wheatland) and The Search for Tom Purdue (Subterranean).

Confirmed Program Participants for 2009:

Paul Abell | Aelle Ables | C. T. Adams | David Lee Anderson | C. Dean Andersson | Lou Antonelli | Paul Black | Pat Blair | Maggie Bonham | Rachel Caine | Lillian Stewart Carl | J. Kathleen Cheney | Rosemary Clement-Moore | R. Cat Conrad | R. L. Copple | Crystalwizard | Brad Denton | Chris Donahue | Linda Donahue | P.N. Elrod | Rhonda Eudaly | Randy Farran | Michael Ashleigh Finn | Melanie Miller Fletcher | Brad W. Foster | Dene Foye | Christopher Fulbright | Generic Radio Workshop | Ghost of a Rose | Joe Giacoio | David Gray | Teddy Harvia | Candace "Candy" Havens | Angeline Hawkes | Albert Jackson | Charlee Jacob | Rocky Kelley | Lee Killough | Alexis Glynn Latner | William Ledbetter | Guy H. Lillian III | Maria Lima | Julia S. Mandala | Lee Martindale | A. Lee Martinez | Maureen McHugh | Margaret Middleton | Tracy S. Morris | Michelle Muenzler | Muff Musgrave | Real Musgrave | Gloria Oliver | Stephen Patrick | Teresa Patterson | Alan J. Porter | K. Hutson Price | Dusty Rainbolt | Rob Rogers | Nina Romberg | Bill Roper | Rie Sheridan Rose | Selina Rosen | Libby Smith Singleton | Brad Sinor | Sue Sinor | Amy Sisson | Luke Ski | Casey Sledge | Tom Smith | Caroline Spector | Kathryn Sullivan | Sundara | Bill Sutton | Brenda Sutton | Shanna Swendson | Mel Tatum | Steven E. Wedel | Mel. White | Craig Wolf | Glenn Yeffeth |

Paul Abell

Paul Abell:

(ARES Directorate) Paul is a planetary scientist assigned to the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Directorate at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. He is also a research scientist at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona. Paul has been studying potentially hazardous asteroids and near-Earth objects for over 8 years. He is a member of the science team for the Near-Infrared Spectrograph on the Japanese Hayabusa mission. Paul, his wife Amy Sisson, and their feline friends have lived in the Houston area since December 2003.

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Aelle Ables

Aelle Ables:

(Aelle Ables) Aelle Ables is a full-time speculative fiction writer who lives in North Texas. She's a member of Future Classics Critique Group, BroadUniverse, NTSFW and The Writers Guild of Texas. She has published articles, short fiction and is now working on a YA fantasy novel called The Dragonwood Box. Her short fantasy piece, 'Prairie Dogs and Fairy Rings' will be included in the 28th Dimension: Tales from the Texas Zone anthology.

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C. T. Adams:

(CieCatRunPubs.com) Cie is the co-author of several paranormal romance and historical novels with fellow Hill Country resident Cathy Clamp. These include the EVVY award winning Road to Riches: The Great Railroad Race to Aspen, Hunter's Moon (winner of five national book awards), Moon's Web, as well as a series of novels for Tor Paranormal Romance including the award-winning Touch of Evil. The next book in the Sazi series, Serpent Moon, is due out next year.

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David Lee Anderson

David Lee Anderson:

(David Lee Anderson)David Lee Anderson is a science fiction and fantasy illustrator. He's shown paintings at more than 440 convention art shows since 1980. He's worked for TOR Books, BAEN Books, Tomorrow SF Magazine, Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, Mayfair Games, Bethesda Softworks, Yard Dog Books and independent publishers and record labels. David Lee is known for his science fiction and space paintings. Several of his paintings were used in the opening credits for Gentlemen Broncos from Fox Searchlight Pictures in spring 2009, directed by Jared Hess, the creator of Napoleon Dynamite.

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C. Dean Andersson

C. Dean Andersson:

(CDeanAndersson.com) C. Dean Andersson is an internationally published writer. His Norse Mythos heroic fantasy trilogy, Warrior Witch, Warrior Rebel, and Warrior Beast, introduced the Viking warrior woman Bloodsong. His story, “The Death Wagon Rolls On By,” was a finalist for the HWA’s 2007 Bram Styoker Award. His "The Tomb of Fog and Flowers," is in Ace Books October 2008 mass market printing of the Dracula-related anthology, The Many Faces of Van Helsing. Dean's eleven published novels include the historical vampire epic I Am Dracula, and Raw Pain Max. Fiend is about Medea, the classic Greek Mythos Witch, attending a Dallas comic book convention where comic book superheroes become dangerously real. Dean has degrees in astrophysics, art, and business, is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, and has worked diverse jobs including Hollywood television graphic arts, professional musician, computer robotics programmer, and mainframe software technical writer.

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Lou Antonelli

Lou Antonelli:

(Lou Antonelli's blog) (WikipediaLou Antonelli has had 43 stories published in the past six years in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia in place such as Asimov's Science Fiction, Jim Baen's Universe, Dark Recesses and Andromeda Spaceways In-flight Magazine. He has had nine honorable mentions in "The Year's Best Science Fiction" (St. Martin's Press, Gardner Dozois, ed.). His Texas-themed reprint collection “Fantastic Texas” is forthcoming from Wilder Publications. He lives in Mount Pleasant, with his wife, Patricia (Randolph), and is managing editor of the Mount Pleasant Daily Tribune.) 

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Paul Black

Paul Black:

(Paul Black Books) (Wikipedia) Paul Black is a professional writer, graphic designer, and branding specialist with more that 25 years of experience in corporate communications. His firm's work has been recognized by many major national and international design publications for its design excellence. Also an accomplished author, Black has independently published a trio of books (The Tels, Soulware, and Nexus Point) that garnered several awards, including 2005 Book of the Year (for genre fiction) from Writer's Digest Magazine, gold and silver medals from Foreword Magazine, and multiple appearances as a finalist in the Independent Publishers Book Awards and the New York Book Festival.

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Pat Blair

Pat Blair:

(Pat Blair) Pat Blair - author of three fantasy novels under the name P.L. Blair - is a native of Tyler, Texas, and lived in the Rockport/Corpus Christi area for 10 years before moving to Sheridan, Wyoming, in the late 1980s. She is moving back to Rockport, where she lives with two of her sisters and a menagerie that includes two basset hounds, a longhaired dachshund and three cats. Blair worked as a reporter for newspapers for nearly 30 years before embarking on a career as full-time freelance writer. Her novels blend police work with fantasy in a contemporary setting -- the Corpus Christi area. They are published by Studio See, a small company in Sheridan.

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Maggie Bonham

Maggie Bonham:

(ShadowHelm.net) M. H. (Maggie) Bonham is an award-winning author of thirty books living in the wilds of Montana. She is the acquisition editor for Flying Pen Press a small press in Colorado. She is the author of Prophecy of Swords, Runestone of Teiwas, Lachlei, Serpent Singer, The King's Champion, and Howling Dead as well as the editor for WolfSongs I. She trains in shotokan and ninjitsu martial arts, races sled dogs, and podcasts.

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Rachel Caine

Rachel  Caine:

(RachelCaine.com) (Wikipedia) Rachel Caine is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Morganville Vampires series, the Weather Warden series, and the Outcast Season series.  Her short fiction has appeared in several bestseller anthologies -- many of them edited by fellow FenCon guest P.N. Elrod!  She is married to award-winning fantasy artist R. Cat Conrad.

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Lillian Stewart Carl

Lillian Stewart Carl:

(LillianStewartCarl.com) Lillian Stewart Carl's work often features paranormal/fantasy themes and always features plots based on mythology, history, and archaeology. With John Helfers, Carl has edited a retrospective of Lois McMaster's Bujold's science fiction work, titled The Vorkosiagn Companion. The latest of her fifteen (so far) novels is Blackness Tower, a standalone romantic fantasy. The Charm Stone, fourth in a cross-genre series that begins with The Secret Portrait and continues on with The Murder Hole and The Burning Glass, will appear in November 2009.

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J. Cathleen Cheney

J. Kathleen Cheney:

(JKathleenCheney.com) J. Kathleen Cheney is a writer of speculative fiction, a member of Broad Universe, Codex Writers Group, SFWA, and founding member of the Oklahoma Speculative Fiction Syndicate. Her work has been published in such venues as Fantasy Magazine, Writers of the Future, Jim Baen's Universe, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. She's now on the production staff of Fantasy Magazine.

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Rosemary Clement-Moore

Rosemary Clement-Moore:

(Rosemary Clement-Moore) Rosemary Clement-Moore writes supernatural mystery novels, ranging from smart and funny (Highway to Hell) to spooky and romantic (The Splendor Falls). In her former life she was an actor and vocalist, and though she doesn't know any filk songs, she can, and will, throw down some Gilbert and Sullivan or Cole Porter with the proper incentive.

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Cat Conrad

R. Cat Conrad:

(ArtistsInResidence.com) Cat is an award-winning artist, a past member of both the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists and the International Association of Astronomical Artists, and a resident of Texas. Cat's work has been published on the covers of several books and both the program and schedule guides for FenCon in 2004.

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R. L. Copple

R. L. Copple:

(R. L. Copple Online) R. L. Copple's interest in speculative fiction started at an early age, after reading "Runaway Robot" by Lester Del Ray.
Many others followed by Asimov, Bradbury, Heinlein, Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, among others. He has written for religious purposes but started writing speculative fiction in 2005. His first book, Infinite Realities, is a fantasy novel. His second book and first full length novel, Transforming Realities, hit the shelves March 2009. He has been published in several magazines. He also is the host of the Ray Gun Radio Podcast and has held editing positions at the on-line magazines, "The Sword Review" and "Haruah."

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(Cyberwizard Productions) Crystalwizard wears far too many hats to list. She writes sci-fi/fantasy mixed genre but these days spends most of her time publishing Abandoned Towers Magazine, running publisher Cyberwizard Productions, and fixing computers for other people. When she has time to breathe, she enjoys teasing her three cats with laser pointers.

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Brad Denton

Brad Denton:

(Bradley Denton) Bradley Denton is best known as the author of the novellas "The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians" and "Sergeant Chip" . . . as well as the novels Blackburn, Lunatics, Laughin' Boy and Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede.  His work has been honored with the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and the World Fantasy Award. He is also the booking manager for Bland Lemon Denton, the World's Oldest (and Worst) Bluesman, for which he is paid a black cat bone (and a mojo, too).

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Chris Donahue

Chris Donahue:

Chris Donahue is an electrical engineer and former Navy avionics tech living in the Dallas area. His published short stories are in horror, historical, sci-fi, humor (& combinations of the same) anthologies. His most recent publication is "The Cure" in Robots Beyond and "Unsafe Sex" in Things Aren't What They Seem coming out later this year.

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Linda Donahue

Linda Donahue:

(LindaLDonahue.com) Linda, a self-described Air Force brat, grew up traveling. Her background includes a degree in computer science, with an electrical engineering minor, and a degree in Russian studies along with a Masters in earth science education. She has a commercial instrument pilot's certification as well as a SCUBA certification. When she's not writing, she teaches tai chi and belly dance. You can find Linda's stories in numerous anthologies from Yard Dog Press.

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Pat Elrod

P.N. Elrod:

(VampWriter.com) (Wikipedia) P.N. Elrod is best known for her Vampire Files urban fantasy series, featuring undead PI Jack Fleming. She also wears an editor's hat, having worked on a number of collections in the last few years that include most of the bestselling writers in the urban fantasy and paranormal genres. Her most recent releases are Strange Brew, a signed, numbered, limited edition Vampire Files novel, The Devil You know, and the 12th V. F. novel, Dark Road Rising, due in September. 

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Rhonda Eudaly

Rhonda Eudaly:

(RhondaEudaly.com) Rhonda lives in Texas where she's worked in various industries to support her writing habit and her cat, Dixon. She is married with a step dog. Her passions are writing and music (mutually exclusive), and she enjoys reading, movies, friends, and family. She loves all things writing related including unusual writing instruments and notebooks. Her smiley face collection has recently been slowly forced out by some persistent and precocious Rubber Ducks.

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Randy Farran

Randy Farran:

Randy Farran was born with a pencil in one hand and a piece of paper in the other-- a fact that his mother reminds him of at every opportunity. At an early age his teachers noticed that he might have a future as an astronaut or an astronomer (okay, the actual words were "He's just taking up space!"). It wasn't long before he was actually building his own spaceships (they never got off the ground, but seeing that they were made out of cardboard boxes, this was probably a good thing; re-entry could have been bad). He took up playing the mandolin because it was easier to carry around than, say, a bass fiddle or a pipe organ. Nowadays, he draws more penguins than he'd like to admit to, writes the occasional new song, and lives in with his wife Barbara and two cartoon dogs in Tulsa, Oklahoma--and still makes spaceships out of cardboard boxes.

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Michael Ashleigh Finn

Michael Ashleigh Finn:

(Live Journal) (Twitter) (Coyote Reviews)
Michael Ashleigh Finn is a short story writer and freelance Themantic Consultant. His current projects include consulting for the Dabel Brothers' graphic adaptations of Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files (of which "Welcome to the Jungle" has been nominated for a Hugo) and Roger Zelazny's Nine Princes in Amber, as well as attempting to make the not inconsequential leap from short tales to the full blown novel. He also took first and third place in Fencon's premier shorty story contest, being told afterward that "We had to make up new rules because of you." He's oddly proud of that fact.

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Melanie Miller Fletcher

Melanie Miller Fletcher:

Melanie Fletcher is an expatriate Chicagoan who currently lives in North Dallas with her husband the Bodacious Brit  and their two fabulous furbags JJ and Jordan. JJ is a cat who thinks he's a dog, and Jordan is a cat who thinks he's Anna Nicole Smith. Only Melanie could have pets like these.
Her recent publications include Think Small (Enchantment Place, DAW Books) and Lost in Whitby (Fabulous Whitby, Shrew Press).  As well as working on a police procedural/SF novel, she is also trying to clear a great number of fully loaded boxes out of her new library.

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Brad W. Foster

Brad W. Foster:

Brad W. Foster, international jetsetter and ex-secret agent, sometimes dabbles in pen and ink. These "strange little pictures on paper" have led him to 16 Hugo nominations and to win the Hugo for Best Fan Artist an astounding five times! Brad's work has been published in over 2000 publications ranging from Amazing Stories to Highlights for Children and in computer instruction books, a children's picture book, an oversized coloring album, advertising posters, role-playing games, and much more. He and his lovely wife Cindy travel around the country to various conventions, festivals, and cat shows.

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Dene Foye

Dene Foye:

Dene Foye is one half of the singing duo Ghost of a Rose. He has been playing guitar and singing folk music since 1967, playing with several different groups over the years, performing everything from folk music to German Oktoberfest songs. Along the way he received a Bachelors in Music Education and taught music for a year.

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Chris Fulbright

Christopher Fulbright:

(Christopher Fulbright) (FulbrightAndHawkes.com) Christopher Fulbright has had stories published in magazines such as The Book of Dark Wisdom, Outer Darkness, Haunts, Whispers from the Shattered Forum, and the Shirley Jackson Award-nominated anthology Bound for Evil, to name a few. Other works scheduled to appear over the next couple years in Mythos Collector, an upcoming Robert E. Howard tribute anthology, Hideous Evermore, Nightmares, and a yet-to-be-announced anthology from Elder Signs Press. He's co-written several horror novellas with his wife Angeline Hawkes, including Then Comes the Child and Blood Coven. His novel Of Wolf and Man is being re-released this year by Lachesis Publishing.

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Generic Radio Workshop

 Generic Radio Workshop:

(Generic Radio Workshop) The Generic Radio Workshop has been around longer than the Golden Age of Radio lasted -- a little over twenty years. They started with the Texas Broadcast Museum (later the National Museum of Communications) and have performed at festivals, conventions, and yes, on the radio. They use as much vintage equipment as they can lay their hands on for that "old time radio" look and feel. Plus, many of their sound effects devices are hand-built, following period designs. While they have made a few concessions to modern technology, at the core they follow the practices of radio's Golden Age

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Ghost of a Rose:

After meeting in a filkcircle at ApolloCon 2007, by the end of the evening Dene & Sundara were talking about singing as a performing duo...and Ghost of a Rose was born. Their debut performance was at Fencon IV, three months later. They have performed at SCA events, the Oasis coffeehouse, in concert at Apollocon 2008, at FenCon V, as one of three featured groups at CMA's Samhain 2008 celebration, at "Lights in the Heights", in concert at The St. Andrew's in the Heights' "Gathering of the Celts", St. Patricks Day at Outriggers in Kemah, and as the Friday night Headliner at CMA's Beltaine 2009.

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Joe Giacoio

Joe Giacoio:

(Joe Giacoio) (joegmusic.com) As a young child in the Bronx, Joe Giacoio was abandoned in a music store and raised by a pack of acoustic guitars. This explains a lot. Joe has won awards for his strange guitar playing and even stranger songwriting. Crossroads magazine writes: "Some people seem to have the ability to create music that is at the same time funny, serious, and incredibly clever. Joe Giacoio is one of those people."

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David Gray

David Gray:

David L. Gray is the creator of the Buzz Blaster, Space Entrepreneur series of radio plays, read and performed at Dallas-area and other science fiction conventions. He also writes science fiction short stories, mostly about warfare in the (not so near?) future Asteroid Belt, although he has been know to get dizzy going through revolving doors.In his spare time he writes instruction manuals for robots that assemble airplanes for the Aerospace industry and feeds cats.

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Teddy Harvia:

Teddy Harvia is an anagram of David Thayer. Teddy has been drawing and contributing cartoons to fan publications since the mid-70s. Fans have reciprocating by giving him the Hugo for Best Fan Artist. He has semi-retired from his avocation to allow David to concentrating on novel writing. He cochaired a bid to hold the World SF Convention in Cancun but lost to Toronto. He is currently working on the second draft of a galactic war romance. Until he can find a publisher, he works for a living as a technical writer with a telecommunications company. With his wife Diana, six cats, and thousands of books, he lives in Dallas.

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Candace Havens

Candace "Candy" Havens:

(CandaceHavens.com) Candace Havens Candace "Candy" Havens is a best selling and award-winning author. Her novels include Charmed & Dangerous, Charmed & Ready, Charmed & Deadly, Like A Charm, The Demon King and I and her latest Dragons Prefer Blondes. She is known for writing strong female characters, who save the world, but aren't exactly perfect. She is a two-time RITA, Write Touch Reader and Holt Medallion finalist. She is also the winner of the Barbara Wilson award. Candy is a nationally syndicated entertainment columnist for FYI Television. A veteran journalist she has interviewed just about everyone in Hollywood from George Clooney and Orlando Bloom to Nicole Kidman and Kate Beckinsale. You can hear Candy weekly on 96.3 KSCS in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.Her popular online Writer's Workshop has more than 1000 students and provides free classes to professional and aspiring writers.

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Angeline Hawkes

Angeline Hawkes:

(Angeline Hawkes) (Christopher Fulbright & Angeline Hawkes) Angeline Hawkes received a B.A. in 1991 from Texas A&M University-Commerce Her story, “In Waters Black the Lost Ones Sleep”, is featured in the 2007 Origins Award nominated anthology, Frontier Cthulhu from Chaosium. Her collection, Shades of Blood and Shadow will be available in August 2009 from Dark Regions Press, followed by her collection Inferno: Tales of Hell and Horror in 2010. Out of the Garden and Other Tales of the Barbarian Kabar of El Hazzar, will be published in 2011 by Bad Moon Books. Angeline is an active member of HWA and the Robert E. Howard UPA [REHupa].

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Dr. Albert Jackson in 1969

Albert Jackson:

(LPI) (History) Dr. Jackson was member of the original Dallas Futurian Society and one of the organizers of the July 1958 "Southwestercon 6", the first science fiction convention in Texas. He has spent a fair portion of the intervening years working for NASA in Houston.

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Charlee Jacob

Charlee Jacob:

(Charlee Jacob) Charlee, the winner of three Bram Stoker Awards, is a major name in the "extreme horror" genre with hundreds of short stories (over 200!) and poems (almost 600!) in print. A native of Texas, she has four novels in print, including Vestal from Delirium Books released in July 2005. Saturday only.

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Rocky Kelley

Rocky Kelley:

(Rocky Kelley) Rocky Kelley is an award winning artist and muralist, whose paintings have appeared in magazines, galleries, cons, and even the David Letterman Show. Rocky's awards include the Director's Award at 2006 World Fantasy Art Show. Kelley's works include: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Surrealism, Gothic... and more. His Gothic and Dark Fantasy works are created under the pseudonym of "Ashen Gray". Current projects include varioius commissions, and illustrating graphic novels.

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Lee Killough

Lee Killough:

(Lee Killough) Lee Killough discovered SF/fantasy and Mysteries at the same time and fell in love with both. Because she read so voraciously, fear of exhausting her favorite genres' supply in her small hometown library drove her to begin writing her own stories. And rather than chose between the genres, she combined them as much as possible. Most of her sixteen novels are SF or supernatural mysteries or urban fantasies. Her first short story "Caveat Emptor" appeared in Analog in 1970, and she published her first novel "A Voice Out of Ramah" in 1979. Her short story "Symphony For a Lost Traveler" was a Hugo Award nominee. Yard Dog Press has published her African fantasy, The Leopard's Daughter, and a revised edition of Checking On Culture: an aid to building story backgrounds. Currently in progress is an urban fantasy.

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Alexis Glynn Latner

Alexis Glynn Latner:

(Alexis Glynn Latner) Alexis Glynn Latner's science fiction novel Hurricane Moon was published by Pyr in 2007. Her stories have appeared in the magazines Analog, Amazing and Sorcerous Signals and in horror and mystery anthologies. She lives in Houston, works in the Rice University library, and teaches creative writing through Rice University's Glasscock School of Continuing Studies.

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William Ledbetter

William Ledbetter:

(WilliamLedbetter.com) William lives near Dallas with his wife, two of his three kids and way too many animals. His science fiction and fantasy short stories have been published by Jim Baen's Universe, Fantasist Enterprises for their "Sails & Sorcery" anthology, and several Yard Dog Press anthologies including Houston, We've Got Bubbas. He also leads a Dallas writers group called Future Classics and is an active member of the local National Space Society chapter.

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Guy Lillian III

Guy H. Lillian III:

(Challenger Zine) Guy H. Lillian III (GHLIII) has been active in fandom for over 40 *gack* years. As a teenager he won fame, if not fortune, as "My Favorite Guy", a frequent contributor to comic book letter columns. He turned this experience into his first job -- a year as an editorial assistant at DC Comics -- and a friendship with DC editor Julius Schwartz that Guy considers one of life's greatest gifts. His major stompin' ground has been Southern fandom, where he's  served three terms as Southern Fandom Confederation president, and been honored as Fan Guest of Honor at the DeepSouthCon and other regional conventions. Guy has twelve times been nominated for the Hugo Award, twice as Best Fan Writer and ten times for his genzine, CHALLENGER.

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Maria Lima

Maria Lima:

(TheLima.com) Maria writes dead people - no, really. Author of the Blood Lines series, paranormal mysteries set in the Hill Country of Texas and an Agatha-nominated short story, "The Butler Didn't Do It", Maria keeps one foot in the real world and one in the make-believe. Her role models include Joss Whedon and Russell T. Davies. Her newest book, Blood Kin, is due out in November 2009.

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Julia Mandala

Julia S. Mandala:

(JuliaSMandala.com) Julia S. Mandala is a reformed lawyer who does penance by writing fantasy and science fiction. Her new novel, House of Doors (part of Double Dog #5), is now available from Yard Dog Press. Her works appear in Witch Way to the Mall, edited by Esther Friesner, The Four Redheads of the Apocalypse, Dracula's Lawyer, International House of Bubbas, Houston, We've Got Bubbas, Flush Fiction, and Best of the Bubbas. She holds degrees in history and law, and is a scuba diver, underwater photographer, costumer and belly dancer.

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Lee Martindale

Lee Martindale:

(Harp Haven) Lee believes in enjoying life, making a difference, and writing good stories. Evidence that she does all three can be found in numerous published works. She's edited a groundbreaking anthology (Such a Pretty Face), released a CD of original filk music (The Ladies of Trade Town) and an audiochapbook. Her latest works are Prejudice by the Pound, a collection of essays and editorials on size rights activism, and stories in Catopolis, Witch Way To The Mall, and Warrior Wisewoman 2. She'll have another in yet-to-be-titled Suburban Vampire anthology edited by Esther Friesner . When not slinging fiction, Lee is a Named Bard, Lifetime Active Member of SFWA, a fencing member of the SFWA Musketeers, and a member of the SCA. She and her husband George live in Plano. Saturday Only.

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A. Lee Martinez

A. Lee Martinez:

(ALeeMartinez.com) (Wikipedia) Lee is the author of six fantasy/sf novels. He has recieved two featured reviews in Publisher's Weekly, an Alex Award, a Best Book for Young Adults award, and a spot on the Amelia Bloomer List for Feminist Fiction for Young Adults. Three of his novels have been optioned for films. Currently, he spends his time writing, playing games of all types, and listing all the honors he's been lucky enough to achieve up to this point. His two biggest goals at this stage are to write the script for Darkwing Duck: The Motion Picture and to beat that (censored) "Dragonforce" song on Guitar Hero 3. (Photo by Scott Edelman.)

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Maureen McHugh

Maureen McHugh:

(Maureen F. McHugh) Maureen has published four novels and a collection of short stories, Mothers and Other Monsters. She writes interactive fictions and has worked on projects like ILoveBees (Halo 2) and Why So Serious (The Dark Knight). Maureen lives in Austin.

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Margaret Middleton

Margaret Middleton:

Margaret is a quintessential Baby Boomer, a Valparaiso alumna, and a 20-year veteran of the Arkansas Highway Department. She and her husband Morris have one daughter, Sharon Amanda. Oh, and she's been a filker for more than thirty years and a convention-going SF fan for a wee bit longer than that. In fact, Margaret is a 1997 inductee into the Filk Hall of Fame.

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Tracy S. Morris

Tracy S. Morris:

(Tracy S. Morris) Tracy S. Morris believes that ferrets are trying to take over the world. Or would be, if they weren't too busy stealing keys. Which tells you plenty about the way her mind works. She lives in Arkansas with her husband and two dogs. The dogs are in charge. Her most recent work is the Yard Dog press novel Bride of Tranquility, which is the follow-up to the award-winning 2005 novella Tranquility. She will appear next year in the Baen anthology Strip Mauled.

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Michelle Muenzler

Michelle Muenzler:

(LiveJournal) Michelle Muenzler was born in the broken pines of East Texas where she learned the literal danger of skating on thin ice (the only sort of ice East Texas has) and that despite the lack of a secret valley of unicorns, Texas is still a pretty cool place. She can often be heard gleefully squealing in her dining room at the pain she has caused her characters, though she often claims they have brought their doom upon themselves. Her short fiction can be found in magazines such as Electric Velocipede, Coyote Wild, and Shroud Magazine, and she's promised various folk her danged novel will be completed this year.

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Muff Musgrave

Muff Musgrave:

Muff Musgrave is one half of that team known as Real and Muff. Some would say that she is the organized and practical half...and they might just be right.  But she also has a great deal of creative input and many ideas of her own ( as I'm sure Real will tell you!) Since retiring almost 3 years ago she has devoted a great deal of time to volunteering with her local Humane Society, fostering kittens and trying to read every book in their vast and ever growing library. Ask her about the new Bohemian Room if you want to see one of her creative projects.  Saturday only.

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Real Musgrave

Real Musgrave:

(Wikipedia) Real Musgrave, the creator of Pocket Dragons, is an artist who has managed to have an entirely satisfying career. He used his pets as inspiration and was able to work at home with his beautiful wife. By lovingly creating slightly skewed versions of events in their everyday life, he and Muff were able to create an "empire". There were one-man museum retrospectives, one-man gallery shows, international collectors clubs, cards, posters, toys, figurines, a magazine, personal appearance tours, speaking with thousands of very nice people, a TV series with 104 episodes shown in over 60 countries, and some prestigious awards. The head of Disney Television laughed that it was a "two person multi-national conglomerate". Working on every aspect and maintaining complete creative control for over 35 years brought success and immense satisfaction –he says it's like a toddler's "I do it myself!" --but also ever-lengthening (to impossible) hours. So January 1st 2007 he retired. Happily. Saturday only.

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Gloria Oliver

Gloria Oliver:

(GloriaOliver.com) Gloria lives in Texas with her husband, daughter, and three cats. She is the author of fantasy novels In the Service of Samurai, Vassal of El, Willing Sacrifice, and Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles. Three of the novels were finalists in the EPPIES. Her next novel, Price of Mercy, will be released around 2010. She also has stories in the Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse, Houston: We've Got Bubbas, Small Bites, Ripple Effect, and Fundamentally Challenged anthologies. She is a proud member of both EPIC and Broad Universe. When not busy working with numbers at work, she enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, and Japanese Anime.

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Stephen Patrick

Stephen Patrick:

Stephen Patrick  has been published in several genres, including horror, sci fi and mystery and his writing has appeared in Great Mystery and Suspense, Nocturnal Ooze, The Writer's Post Journal, Aphelion, Dark Recesses Press, and Bewildering Stories among others. His short story won the 2009 ConDFW short story contest and he is a multiple winner of the Rowlett, TX Arts and Humanities Commission short story contest, winning the adult category for the past three years.

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Teresa Patterson

Teresa Patterson:

Teresa Patterson co authored the World of Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time with Robert Jordan , and The World of Shannara with Terry Brooks. She has also written various fantasy stories, non-fiction articles, and ghost written a military adventure. Her newest collaboration No Quarter, written with the late Robert Asprin and Eric Del Carlo, is a murder mystery set in the streets of New Orleans' infamous French Quarter. In 2004 she was awarded the Chesley Award by the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists for service to artists. She currently lives in Texas with an ever-changing family of cats and raccoons.

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Alan J. Porter

Alan J. Porter:

(Alan J. Porter) Publishing software executive by day - Freelance Writer by night. Alan J. Porter has been a regular writer on various aspects of popular culture for over fifteen years. With magazine articles on comics, music and the movies published in Europe, Australia, Canada and the US. He is the author of "BATMAN: The Unofficial Collectors Guide," (Schiffer Books), "BEFORE THEY WERE BEATLES: The Early Years 1956-1960," (Xlibris), JAMES BOND: the history of the illustrated 007," and "STAR TREK: A comics history." (both for Hermes Press.) He has also contributed to over 10 other book titles. His comic book credits include GOD SHOP (Tokyopop), and Disney*Pixar's The World of CARS series for BOOM! Studios.

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K. Hutson Price

K.  Hutson Price:

(KHP at GooglePages) Born in Texas and educated on both coasts, K. Hutson Price did time as a government contractor, recruiter, used car salesmen, and currently flings information at prepubescent individuals as a 5th grade teacher in a local public school. Price is the LETS (Law Enforcement Teaching Students) liaison for the Mesquite Independent School District and a member of the Texas Defensive Shooters club. So far these facts remain mutually exclusive. Price's writing is influenced by Joss Whedon's every word, World of Warcraft, the insane things students pull at school, and almost anything that Yard Dog Press throws out there.

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Dusty Rainbolt

Dusty Rainbolt:

(Dusty Rainbolt) Dusty Rainbolt is an award-winning cat writer, according to her answering machine. She recently stopped writing on her cats because they move around too much and smeared ink on the furniture. She’s the author of the award-winning Ghost Cats: Human Encounters with Feline Spirits. On a less serious note, she’s responsible for the humorous science fiction novel, All the Marbles, and co-author of The Four Redheads of the Apocalypse (written with three other redheads). The sequel Apocalypse Now will be out in 2010. On her day job she's written a number of cat books, and is the author of the monthly feline advice columns, "Dear Hobbes" and Ask Einstein. She also freelances for Cat Fancy and anyone else whose checks won't bounce.

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Rob Rogers

Rob Rogers:

(Blog) Rob Rogers is the author of Devil's Cape, a superhero thriller set in Louisiana. Devil's Cape was a Pop Matters pick, and was also named the HeroPress book of the year for 2008. His short story "The Adventure of the Pirates of Devil's Cape" will be included in the anthology The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, scheduled for September release. Rob lives in Richardson, Texas, where he is working on his next novel.

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Nina Romberg

Nina Romberg:

(Jane Archer) Nina is the bestselling author of twenty internationally published books such as Shadow Walkers, Out of the West (optioned for a television movie), and Texas Indian Myths and Legends. A new short story appears in Tales Told at Midnight Along The Rio Grande. She is an editor and ghost writer for a national book publisher. As a hypnotherapist, she also works with other writers.

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Bill Roper

Bill Roper:

(Filker.com) (Wikipedia) Bill is a three-time Pegasus Award winner and was inducted into the Filk Hall of fame in 2000. Along with his wife, Gretchen, he co-founded Dodeka Records.

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Rie Sheridan Rose

Rie Sheridan Rose:

(riewriter.com) Rie is a poet and novelist with 5 poetry collections and 4 novels under her belt, as well as 3 short story collections and pieces in several anthologies. She writes mostly fantasy, but dabbles in science fiction, light horror and romance.

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Selina Rosen

Selina Rosen:

(Selina Rosen) Selina Rosen needs you to give her money. Why? Because money is the root of all evil and she wants to take over the world! You need not just hand her the money and link yourself to her dastardly plot you can do it by buying books that she wrote such as Strange Robby, Sword Masters or Fire and Ice. You could also buy the anthologies she's edited like Bubbas of the Apocalypse or Stories That Won't Make Your Parents Hurl.  Or you could buy anthologies or magazines her stories appear in like Space Griuts, Space Sirens, Witch Way to the Mall, or Alfie's Kiss. You need not draw attention to yourself as being part of her conspiracy, yet you could reap the benefits when she rules everything!!!

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Libby Smith Singleton

Libby Smith Singleton:

Libby Smith Singleton first started attending conventions in 1982 as a 17-year-old intent on being a published writer. Her stories have appeared in Caliber Comic's Negative Burn and Dominique: Protect and Serve, Hanthercraft Publications' "Tandra" and "Dragonroc" universe comics and website, and Shanda Fantasy Art's Atomic Mouse. She is also a two-time winner of the Little Rock Free Press' Literary Contest. She also adapted The Rainbow Bridge story to poetry form for counted cross stitch designer Sue Hillis' design "The Story of the Rainbow Bridge." Besides writing, she is also a stage actor in the Little Rock area, including two times with The Weekend Theater productions of "The Rocky Horror Show." By day, she is an administrative assistant for the state of Arkansas. She lives in Little Rock with her three cats.

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Brad Sinor

Brad Sinor:

(LiveJournal) Bradley H. Sinor has seen his short stories published in numerous anthologies, such as Knight Fantastic, Dracula in London Bubbas of the Apocolypse, Merlin, Men Writing SF as Women, Haunted Holidays, On Crusade, Gateways, Small Bites, All Hell Breaking Loose, Space Cadets, The Grantville Gazette, and Ring of Fire 2. Three collections of his short fiction have been released by Yard Dog Press, Dark and Stormy Nights, In the Shadows, and Playing with Secrets (which also features two stories by his wife Sue Sinor.) His latest stories will be in the anthologies Places to Go, People to Kill, Ring of Fire 2 and Houston, We Got Bubbas (written with his wife Sue). His newest collection of stories, Echoes From the Darkness, is from Arctic Wolf Press.

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Sue Sinor

Sue Sinor:

When not standing behind her husband, Brad, with a two by four to make sure he finishes his various writing projects, Susan P. Sinor (Sue to all her friends) performs in various community theatre productions. With her husband she is a caretaker of the home owned by two cats named Pewter and Ashe, who at last report were planning to take over the universe. She has had stories in the Yard Dog Press chapbook collection Playing with Secrets, a story in Flush Fiction, and one in the anthology International House of Bubbas . A collaborative story, with her husband, appears in Houston, We Got Bubbas. She also has two additional collaborations with Brad: Rotten Relations and the new anthology, Space Grunts.

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Amy Sisson:

(Amy Sisson) Amy Sisson is a writer, book reviewer, crazy cat lady, and academic librarian, not necessarily in that order. Her published fiction ranges from Star Trek work for Pocket Books to a group of thematically linked short stories in her Unlikely Patron Saints series, which have appeared in Strange Horizons, Lady Churchillʼs Rosebud Wristlet, and Irregular Quarterly. Most recently, her story Patriot Girls appeared in Aeon Speculative Fiction. When not writing, she enjoys making artist trading cards, studying German and Japanese, attending performances by the Houston Ballet, and traveling with her husband, Paul Abell. F

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the great Luke Ski

Luke Ski:

(the great Luke Ski) the great Luke Ski's song parodies, originals, stand-up and sketches about pop culture phenomena (doot doo, do-do-do!) have made him a favorite performer at science-fiction and fandom conventions all across the Midwest and beyond. He's released eight albums and a DVD over the past fourteen years, many of which feature collaborations and cameos by his fellow comedy musicians of the Funny Music Project (the FuMP dot com), most significantly Carrie Dahlby, who often sings lead vocals on Luke's parodies of female musicians. His past hits amongst his fans include songs about Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean, with more recent hits about 24, the Office, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Heroes, and Family Guy.

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Casey Sledge

Casey Sledge:

Casey has been filking since before he knew what it was. That was 20 years ago and he's still doing it. His songs have been sung by Ravens, Hawke of the Bedlam Bards, and played (during sound check) at a Worldcon. He is the singer/songwriter half of the Celtic/folk/filk band October Country in the DFW area. Casey's band, October Country, has been selected as Interfilk's Guest of Honor at Seatlle's "Confilkt 3" in January 2010.

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Tom Smith

Tom Smith:

(Tom Smith Online) Tom is multiple Pegasus Award winning filker and a member of the Filk Hall of fame. He has several albums out and is an active member of the Funny Music Project (FuMP). He was our Music GOH at FenCon IV and had such a good time he promised he would come back soon. One year away was all he could handle.

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Caroline Spector

Caroline Spector:

(Caroline Spector) (Blog) Caroline Spector was an Associate Editor for Amazing Magazine. She also edited many role-playing game modules and wrote three computer game hint books. Then she decided to branch out and write fiction. Her novels Scars, Little Treasures, and Worlds Without End have appeared in French and German, and Scars and Worlds Without End are available in English. Her story "Metagames" appeared in the latest Wild Cards book, Inside Straight edited by George R.R. Martin. Her story "Woulda Coulda, Shoulda" will be in Busted Flush due out in December. She is currently working on Suicide Kings, the braided mosaic novel that rounds out this trilogy of Wild Cards books. She lives in Texas with her husband, noted game designer, Warren Spector.

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Kathryn Sullivan

Kathryn Sullivan:

(KathrynSullivan.com) Kathryn writes young adult fantasy and science fiction. Her first book, The Crystal Throne, won the 2002 EPPIE for best Fantasy, and her second, Agents & Adepts, won the 2003 Dream Realm Award for Best Anthology. The sequel, Talking to Trees, was released in January 2006, also by Amber Quill Press. Her short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. Kathryn lives in Winona, Minnesota, where the river bluffs double as cliffsides on alien planets or the deep mysterious forests in a magical world. She is not, however, an astronaut. She is owned by two birds, a Moluccan cockatoo and a Jenday conure. She is a proud member if EPIC and Broad Universe.

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Sundara is one half of the duo Ghost of a Rose. Sundara is from the Chicago Area originally, where she participated in filk circles at conventions and SCA events.

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Bill Sutton

Bill Sutton:

(Bill Sutton's Pile of BS) Bill is a talented filker, an occasional columnist for The Danedelion Report, and a fan of the Indiana Pacers. In his spare time between performances he enjoys Irish music, homebrew beer, and trains. Bill spends 9 to 5 chilling at Hewlett-Packard, working at a desk with a funny little placard, paying the bills with his mad technology skills. Oh, and he is a two-time Pegasus winner, eleven-time Pegasus nominee, and the husband of Brenda Sutton of Three Weird Sisters.

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Brenda Sutton

Brenda Sutton:

(Brenda Sutton's Bilthely) Brenda is a self-described Navy brat, a mother who loves to cook but hates to clean, an internet content specialist, and a genealogy buff. An accomplished solo filk artist, Brenda is also a member of the group Three Weird Sisters. Brenda is a three-time Pegasus winner, three-time Pegasus nominee, and the wife of Bill Sutton.

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Shanna Swendson

Shanna Swendson:

(ShannaSwendson.com) (Wikipedia) Shanna Swendson is the author of the Enchanted, Inc. series of humorous contemporary fantasy novels, as well as a contributor to a number of anthologies about television series. She doesn't have children she can force to live out her childhood dreams, so she's decided to live them out for herself. She's already taken a voice class and takes ballet classes. Piano lessons and horseback riding are on the agenda. She's probably too old to get away with singing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" in a production of The Sound of Music, but she's working on a clever plan to make that happen. 

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Mel Tatum

Mel Tatum:

(Mel Tatum at SFF.net) Mel Tatum has relocated from the plains of Oklahoma to the Arizona desert and is learning to cope with suspiciously large rabbits, Saguaro cacti that loom and stalk, and the occasional bobcat. She still filks and writes stories in between the demands of her day job. And thanks to her recent article exploring attitudes toward copyright in the filk community, she has now been officially outed at work as a filker.

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Steven E. Wedell

Steven E. Wedel:

(Steven E. Wedel) When not documenting tales of werewolf mayhem, Steve Wedel can be found enjoying flea baths or humping the legs of total strangers. Born and raised in Oklahoma, he expects to die there someday, unless you buy enough books to allow him to move to the Oregon coast. His most recent release has no werewolves in it; it's called Little Graveyard on the Prairie.

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Mel. White

Mel. White:

(Twitter) Known to her kids as "Indiana Mom", anthropologist Mel. White is a writer, artist, comic book creator, poet, storyteller, playwright, rocket-and-robot enthusiast -- and a fossil preparator. An avid gamer with a lamentable habit of filking, she has committed a number of musical atrocities about the World of Warcraft in addition to a few other ditties that keep the werewolves awake at night. Her graphic novel series (co-created by Robert Asprin), DUNCAN AND MALLORY, will be web published at the Radio Comix website  beginning in September. She can be found on Twitter, lurking under the name of "Foxraven"... because all the really good names were already taken.

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Craig Wolf

Craig Wolf:

(Craig Wolf) Craig Wolf, being a native Oklahoman, is proof positive that there is Something In The Water In Them Parts. He has been struck by lightning, nearly shot in the head with a nail gun, bounced down stairs, and was, as a baby, flung from the cab of a moving truck. This explains his many odd stories, some of which are found in Pressure Points and the forthcoming Nibbled to Death, as well as the truly disturbed novel Trespass.

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Glenn Yeffeth

Glenn Yeffeth:

(BenBella Books) Glenn Yeffeth is Publisher of BenBella Books. Before BenBella, Glenn was a corporate strategist and marketer who ran companies in Chicago, London and Dallas. BenBella Books, named after Glenn's children Benjamin and Isabella, was created in fit of hysterical optimism about the potential for an independent publisher in Dallas. Glenn has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Chicago and a BA in History from Oberlin College. His favorite book is The DaVinci Mole, a little-known work by the eminent philosopher Dr. Ian Browne.

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