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A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

FenCon Masquerade

The FenCon Masquerade needs you to show off your fannish finest.

FenCon Masquerade General Information:

FenCon Masquerade rules

FenCon Masquerade registration form


Only ONE costume per person. You may enter other costumes on other people.

More detail on the show can be found in the FenCon Masquerade Rules.

The Rules and Registration Form are available online in PDF format and will be available in hardcopy at FenCon.

For registration in advance of the con, contact masquerade@fencon.org

The FenCon Masquerade includes costumes entered in competition and those entered for display or presentation only. You can enter a costume just to show it off, or to compete. If you enter to compete, you are subject to the competition rules. Costumes assembled from all purchased items are welcome in the Masquerade and will be judged in their own category. All costumes may be eligible for presentation and/or skit awards at the judges' discretion. NO rented costumes allowed.

The FenCon Masquerade is an inclusive masquerade. While there is an understandable preference for costumes with Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror themes, we welcome costumes of all sorts, including Anime, Historical, Comics, and original concepts.

Costumes must be registered to be part of the Masquerade. Deadline for all Masquerade pre-registration (competition and display) is 4pm Saturday. To pre-register, complete the registration form (available online and also at Registration during FenCon) and drop at Registration NO LATER THAN 4PM SATURDAY.

If for some reason you can't drop off the registration form by 4pm, you can still register at Muster by bringing your completed form with you. (The window for this is one hour only. You will NOT be able to have any music or sound.) Muster begins at 7pm. Please note that the more people who register in advance, the easier it is to set up the Masquerade.

If you enter the Masquerade, please read the rules, with particular attention to registration and sound deadlines, and the Muster information.

There are restrictions on weapons, nudity, and certain materials in the Masquerade. Please consult the rules for more detail, or contact Masquerade Director Becky Demonja at masquerade@fencon.org.

Important Note Regarding Sound for the Masquerade:

Participants will not have the use of a microphone for skits or presentations. Pre-recorded music and/or dialogue that you would like played for your presentation must be provided on a CD or CD-R (standard audio or MP3 or WAV files only) with the starting track and time noted, or on a USB Thumbdrive (MP3 or WAV file s only) when you turn in your form. An MP3 emailed in advance will also be accepted. Sound should be clearly labeled with your name and the title of your Masquerade entry; if providing whole tracks from which you want only a short segment, PLEASE note the minute and second of the start and end of the segment, and whether you want fades in or out or hard start/end. Note your sound requirement and cues on your registration form.

MP3 files ONLY can be e-mailed to masquerade@fencon.org before the con, but must be sent no later than midnight, Wednesday, September 16th.

All other sound is to be turned in to Ops by 4pm on Saturday. See the registration form and rules for more information. Sound cannot be provided for later registrants.

NOTE: All technical systems are subject to failure. Be prepared to present without sound. Just ask last year's Harry Dresden...

Stage Access:

The proposed path for the FenCon Masquerade involves gathering in a function room, lining up in a hallway, entering the main room through a standard door, waiting in a curtained-off area of the main room, climbing stairs to reach the stage, crossing the stage, walking down stairs ( we hope to have a ramp as well.) to leave the stage, and exiting the room or taking one of the seats reserved for contestants.

If you need special arrangements because of mobility or vision restrictions or because the size or structure of your costume restricts mobility or vision please contact the Masquerade Director in advance and note this on your registration form.

Questions or Comments:

Any questions about the Masquerade, Registration Form, or Rules should be directed to Masquerade Director Becky Demonja at masquerade@fencon.org.

Last updated 28 August 2009




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