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A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

FenCon Video Room

FenCon Video Room

We like to watch: 2009 has fan films, more video rarities, more classic films, fan club presentations, and plenty of video surprises. As always, this schedule is subject to change without notice. We start Friday at noon.

Video Room - Friday

It's MoonDay! We spend Friday afternoon getting us to the moon, showing what it was like up there, sending a garbage man to the moon to clean up after us, and then wrapping it all up by blowing the moon out of orbit. We also celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Twilight Zone by screening the least seen TZ program: one made in France that won first prize for Best Short Subject at the Cannes Film Festival.

12:00 pm 


CBS News Apollo 11 coverage highlights

1:30 pm 


NASA Apollo 11 film: The Eagle Has Landed

2:00 pm 


FenCon Science Team Presents: In the Shadow of the Moon (wp)

4:00 pm 


Salvage ("Salvage 1" pilot) (wp)

5:30 pm 


Twilight Zone: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (wp)

6:00 pm 


Space 1999: Breakaway (wp)

7:00 pm 


ORAC Presents Paul Cornell: Scream of the Shalka (wp)

8:00 pm 


Demons: They Bite (wp)

9:00 pm 


ORAC Presents Paul Cornell: Primeval (wp)

10:00 pm 


Special Programming

11:30 pm 


Robot Bastard (info)

Video Room - Saturday

12:00 am 


Repo: The Genetic Opera (wp)

2:00 am 


Video Room is closed until 7:00 am

7:00 am 


Dungeons and Dragons (wp)

7:30 am 


Galaxy Rangers (wp)

8:00 am 


Looney Tunes (wp)

8:30 am 


Super Friends (wp)

9:00 am 


Godzilla vs. Mothra (Japanese version, subtitled) (wp)

10:30 am 


The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello (wp)

11:00 pm 


Douglas Adams' Hyperland (wp)

12:00 pm 


Ray Bradbury's "A Piece of Wood" (info)

12:15 pm 


Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis (wp)

2:00 pm 


IHOD Open Meeting: Doctor Who: Human Nature/The Family of Blood (written by ORAC special guest Paul Cornell) (wp) (wp)

4:00 pm 


The Hunt For Gollum (wp)

5:00 pm 


'The State of the Art' (A BBC Radio 4 play dramatized by Paul Cornell) (info)

6:00 pm 


STARFLEET's Region Three Presents: Star Trek: TOS "Space Seed" (R.I.P. Ricardo Montalban) (wp)

7:00 pm 


STARFLEET's Region Three Presents: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (wp)

9:00 pm 


The FenCon Cabaret Simulcast

11:00 pm (time approximate) 


In Search of Steve Ditko (wp)

Video Room - Sunday

Sunday brings you award winners, including both of this year's Hugo winners and cult classics.

12:00 am 


G.O.R.A. (wp)

2:00 am 


Video Room is closed until 8:00 am

8:00 am 


The Black Hole (wp)

10:00 am 


ORAC Presents Paul Cornell: Robin Hood (wp)

11:00 am 


2009 Hugo Winner, Best Dramatic Presentation (Short) Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog (wp)

12:00 pm 


2009 Hugo Winner, Best Dramatic Presentation (Long) WALL-E (wp)

2:00 pm 


Plan 9 From Outer Space (Happy 50th birthday to the worst film ever made!) (wp)

3:30 pm 


National Anthem and closedown. See you at FenCon VII in 2010!

You guys have got to see this: Our schedule for 2010 is wide open so we want to know do have an obscure piece of video that you know your fellow fans would love to see? Do you have original video you'd like to show off? If you can help staff the video room or have programming to contribute for 2010, please contact Alan Balthrop at video@fencon.org.

Last updated 10 September 2009




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