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A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Guest of Honor: S.M. Stirling

Filk Guest of Honor: Leslie Fish

Fen Guest of Honor: Randy Farran

Artist Guest of Honor: Larry Dixon

Toastmaster: David Gerrold

Special Guest: Mike Resnick

plus many more guests

Mike Resnick's appearance made possible in part by a grant from ALAMO


This is the online archive of our 2005 website. Please also visit our current website.

Yes, FenCon is still being held this weekend!

Dallas should experience no worse than a few scattered thunderstorms by Sunday evening. While our hearts go out to our neighbors to the south, Dallas is way the heck inland. FenCon II will not be cancelled due to weather.

Weather in Dallas
Dallas weather forecast from Weather Underground

Join us now: You can join us at the door with cash, any major credit card, or a check or money order made out to FenCon. One-day and youth memberships will also be available at the door. We look forward to seeing you all at FenCon II.

FenCon memberships are now available only at the door.

Important notes about the FenCon II hotel:

No Vacancies

SOLD OUT: Have you booked your hotel room yet? Our good friends at the Holiday Inn Select North Dallas have let us know that they are completely sold out for both Friday and Saturday nights! They have enough rooms to honor everybody's reservation, they swear, but they will be full. There are several area hotels with some vacancies but they are filling fast as Hurricane Rita bears down on Texas.

Throwing a room party? We've made arrangements with the hotel to keep all the parties together on the 5th floor and thus to keep them open all night. We must know about your party in advance! We must know by Thursday at 1:00pm! Register your room party by e-mailing your name, group name, and hotel confirmation number to our hotel liaison (timiller@fencon.org) right away. When checking in, please make sure your party room is on the 5th floor!

FenCon II is over. See you in 2006!

FenCon's official charity for 2005 is The Salvation Army

Doing our part: The proceeds of the FenCon Charity Auction and any other fundraising we do during FenCon II will go to the Salvation Army to aid their disaster relief efforts in the hurricane-devastated Gulf Coast region.

To give now, see the links at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

For people who like programming: What convention would be complete without some sort of scheduled events? You know, like opening ceremonies, panels on dozens of topics, the FenCon Cabaret, concerts, readings, demonstrations, and the pulse-pounding excitement of closing ceremonies? Well, it wouldn't be FenCon, that's for sure. We've got all that stuff and more neatly lined up in a grid for your convenience on our Programming page. Enjoy!

Serenity (the 'Firefly' movie) opens September 30th
Serenity: The Official Movie Website
(in theaters September 30th)

Join us this weekend!

Hey, Filkers: We still have a few mini-concert and jam slots open for 2005 and this is your chance to perform for a filk-friendly audience. Whether you know a few songs or are a veteran of the musical arts, drop us a line at info@fencon.org.

Congratulations, nominees: The Pegasus Awards, presented annually at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival, recognize and honor excellence in filking and some familiar names are on the final ballot this year. Carla Ulbrich (2004/2005) and Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff (2004) are finalists for Best Performer. Leslie Fish (2005) is co-nominated with Mercedes Lackey in both the Best Space Opera Song (for "Signy Mallory") and Best Sword and Sorcery Song (for "Threes") categories. Also nominated in Best Sword and Sorcery Song is Bill Sutton (2005) for "Wizard of Macke Town."

Any interested fan is eligible to vote for the Pegasus Awards. The deadline is October 17, 2005.

Pegasus Award

Contest update: Our judges have selected the winners of FenCon and the Dallas Future Society's first Short Fiction Contest, each of whom will receive a cash prize, a 2006 membership for FenCon, and (for our top winner) publication in our Program Book. Good luck to everybody who submitted a story and thanks to all of our readers and judges. We'll announce the winners at Opening Ceremonies on Friday, September 23rd.

There's a lot to do and see at FenCon II

FenCon Art Show

Just the thing for over the couch: You asked for it and since we're "of the fen, by the fen, and for the fen" we're doing it. FenCon presents our first Art Show and Auction. Open to artists from across Texas, the great southwest, and around the world, our art show features panels and tables for original art work plus a print shop for the limited-edition works. UPDATE: All of our panels are sold out! We have a few table spaces remaining only. Visit the Art Show and Auction page for all the details.

Guest Update: We regret to announce that Joe R. Lansdale, Ardath Mayhar, Wm. Mark Simmons, Bedlam Bards, Julia Blackshear Kosatka, Tracy S. Morris, Sasha Miller, Scott Cupp, Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Scott A. Johnson, and Bob Gunner will be unable to attend FenCon this year. We hope their situations and schedules permit them to attend in the future.

Guest Spotlight

Each week leading up to FenCon II we will feature a different guest here on our homepage.

Guest of Honor: S.M. Stirling

(SMStirling.com) S.M. Stirling is the award-winning author of the Draka series, the Island in the Sea of Time trilogy, the General series with David Drake, the Flight Engineer series with James "Scotty" Doohan, and so many more it would take a whole website to list them. His 2004 novel Conquistador was hailed as a masterpiece of alternate history fiction. A New Mexico resident who has lived on three continents and whose interests include travel, history, and anthropology, Steve is able to bring alternate-history SF to best-selling life.

S.M. Stirling

Contact Information

If you wish to contact us via e-mail, our primary contact address is info@fencon.org. You can find more contact information on the Contact Info page.

Like what you see? We have an easy way for you to about FenCon.

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

Donate to the American Red Cross

Donate to the Salvation Army

Donate to the Human Society

An important message from Larry Dixon: "Many of you may know me as a fantasy novelist and artist, but more importantly I'm an experienced emergency worker (7 years volunteer firefighter, 2 yrs stormspotter & CERT (Civilian Emergency Response Team)). Mercedes Lackey and I have a charitable foundation we are turning towards the effort of helping the fantasy, scifi, and roleplaying games fans hit by Katrina." Read Larry's entire message here.

Larry Dixon's GryphonKing.com website

FenCon II Flyer
FenCon II Convention Flyer

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