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FenCon II (2005)


A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area


Ready for 2005: We've got open gaming, miniature games, card games, board games, and a copy of the Harrison Ford flick Patriot Games. All the gaming is free for all members of FenCon and the Dallas Future Society. All games are scheduled in four-hour blocks and we'll post that schedule here as soon as it's finalized. For now, enjoy a partial list of what Matt Sims, FenCon's Gaming Guru, has planned to satisfy your FenCon gaming needs:

Gaming stuff

Dungeons and Dragons - We're talking about version 3.5 of the world's most popular role playing game. It's the hip, current edition of this RPG classic. Visit Wizards of the Coast's official website for more details.

GURPS 4th Edition Horror - The latest edition of the Generic Universal Role Playing System, optimized for fans of horror and imagination. Visit Steve Jackson Games' official website for more details and a free downloadable 'Lite' version of the GURPS rules.

Ogre/GEV - Are miniatures your thing? Ogre/GEV is a tactical ground combat game set in the year 2085 when armored warfare is faster and deadlier than ever. Tanks, hovercraft, and infantry slug it out with tactical nukes but the most feared weapon of all is the enormous cybernetic tank called the Ogre. Visit Steve Jackson Games' official website for more details.

Classic BattleTech - Fight the wars of the 31st Century in your 100-ton humanoid combat robot, the BattleMech. Level city blocks or whole cities as you attack a planet or defend your empire. Visit FanPro's official website for more details.

AeroTech - Love to play BattleTech miniatures but wish you could fight for control the sky instead? AeroTech adds aerospace combat to BattleTech so you can defend your DropShips and JumpShips with fighters, WarShips, and other space vehicles. Visit FanPro's official website for more details.

Open Gaming - This can be anything you want! We'll keep a few tables open for people to bring their own games or battle others between scheduled events.

Plus, of course, there are more gaming opportunities to be announced both here before the convention and on-site during the convention.

Hey, Game Masters: Can you run a multi-player game? Do you have a board game we can borrow? Do you have every Warhammer 40K move memorized? If you can help run a game or have game supplies to contribute, please contact Matt Sims, our Gaming Guru, at

You may send a message to Matt by filling out this handy form. You will be contacted right away.

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Last updated 17 August 2005