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FenCon II (2005)


A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

About Us

FenCon is...

   ...of the fen, by the fen, and for the fen.

   ...a literary science fiction and fantasy convention with filk.

   ...happening September 23-25, 2005.

   ...brought to you by the Dallas Future Society.

   ...staffed by volunteers from ORAC, IHOD, and other fan groups.

   ...going to be a lot of fun (again).

The Dallas Future Society is...

...a not-for-profit organization informally organized in 2002 and formally created in Feburary, 2003. The DFS seeks to promote the advancement of science, literature, and music. FenCon is our main outlet for these goals and the one time each year we bring top people in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, filk music, science, and more together. Membership is open to all and dues are paid annually.

Dallas Future Society

Last updated 18 August 2005