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FenCon II (2005)


A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Guest Info

S.M. Stirling

Guest of Honor: S.M. Stirling

( S.M. Stirling is the award-winning author of the Draka series, the Island in the Sea of Time trilogy, the General series with David Drake, the Flight Engineer series with James "Scotty" Doohan, and so many more it would take a whole website to list them. His 2004 novel Conquistador was hailed as a masterpiece of alternate history fiction. A New Mexico resident who has lived on three continents and whose interests include travel, history, and anthropology, Steve is able to bring alternate-history SF to best-selling life. FenCon is thrilled to have S.M. Stirling as our guest of honor in 2005.

Filk Guest of Honor: Leslie Fish

Leslie Fish is a pioneer of filk music, winner of eight Pegasus Awards, and perhaps the most famous filker in the world. She's also a writer and her most recent novel, The Sword of Knowledge, a collaboration with C.J. Cherryh, Mercedes Lackey, and Nancy Asire, was released by Baen Books in January 2005. Leslie loves cats, thriller movies, horseback riding, and science fiction. A native of New Jersey, Leslie plays guitar, autoharp, hand-drum, and says she can "fake it" on electric bass. Yes, she wrote "Banned From Argo" and, no, you shouldn't request it.

Leslie Fish photo courtesy of

Randy Farran photo courtesy of

Fen Guest of Honor: Randy Farran

Randy Farran joins us from Tulsa and is a driving force behind the long-running Conestoga--Oklahoma's largest literary science fiction convention. A native of Kansas, he is a talented artist, actor, writer, and a filker as well. Owned and operated by his dogs Argus and Underfoot, Randy somehow finds time to attend every Conestoga committee meeting (ever!) and stay hands on with the every facet of the convention. His friends tell us Randy has an impaired ability to say "no" but we're still delighted he said "yes" to our invitation.

Artist Guest of Honor: Larry Dixon

No, not the NHRA top-fuel champion driver, the Alabama state senator, or the KOAI-FM disc jockey. This Larry Dixon is the legendary artist and a fixture on the convention circuit. By his own reckoning he's been a guest of honor at 206 conventions over the last 20 years but this will be his first trip to the Dallas area in a decade. In addition to his world-famous artistry, Larry has also co-written several novels with his wife, Mercedes Lackey. His artwork can be found on countless book covers, in top role-playing games, and in the FenCon II program book.

Larry Dixon

David Gerrold

Toastmaster: David Gerrold

(Gerrold Dot Com) David Gerrold is a Hugo and Nebula winning author with more than 40 books to his credit. He's written for a dozen or so television series, most famously the beloved "The Trouble With Tribbles" episode of Star Trek. A California native, Gerrold started writing professionally in 1967 and hasn't stopped since. His works include the "War Against the Chtorr" series, the "Dingilliad" trilogy, "When Harlie Was One," "The Man Who Folded Himself," "The Martian Child," the creation of Land of the Lost, and co-writing "The Flying Sorcerers" with FenCon 2004 guest of honor Larry Niven. His latest book is "Alternate Gerrolds," a collection of alternate history short stories from our pals at BenBella Books.

Special Guest: Mike Resnick

(Mike Resnick Web Resource) Multiple Hugo and Nebula award-winning author and editor Mike Resnick will be leading our first writers workshop. This intense series of sessions is the perfect way for an aspiring writer to sharpen their skills and learn from one of the masters of science fiction. Mike is a winner of the 2005 Hugo Award for Best Short Story and was on the final ballot for the 2004 Nebula Award for his moving short story Travels With My Cats.

Mike Resnick photo courtesy NESFA

Mike Resnick's appearance made possible in part by a grant from ALAMO

Our other confirmed guests for 2005:

C. Dean Andersson

C. Dean Andersson:

( Dean is an internationally-published author with his horror, vampire, and heroic fantasy novels available in many languages. You might know him for I Am Dracula or the Bloodsong trilogy or even his short fiction. Under the pen name "Asa Drake" he has also co-authored several books with fellow FenCon guest Jane Archer. In addition to his published fiction, Dean has worked as a professional musician, robotics programmer, graphic designer, and technical writer.

David Lee Anderson:

( - Robot City) David is an acclaimed science fiction and fantasy illustrator. He's done work for Tor Books, Baen Books, Yard Dog Press, and many other publishers. A former president of the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, David has been teaching illustration in the Oklahoma City area for fifteen years. His work adorns the covers of many SF novels, including the latest from fellow FenCon guest Dusty Rainbolt.

David Lee Anderson

Jane Archer

Jane Archer:

(Her Website) Jane is a prolific author with over 25 novels to her credit. Her first novel was a best-seller with over 500,000 copies sold. Her suspense, fantasy, and genre-bending romance novels are in print around the world. Jane has co-authored several works with fellow FenCon guest C. Dean Andersson under the name "Nina Romberg" as well as her own. Her latest book is the non-fiction The First Fire: Stories from the Cherokee, Kickapoo, Kiowa, and Tigua released in April by Taylor Trade Publishing.

Paul Black:

(Paul Black Books) Paul is an award-winning writer whose first novel, The Tels, won Writer's Digest Book of the Year award for genre fiction. A native of Illinois, he now lives and works in Dallas. When Paul isn't writing or running his design firm he's indulging his newfound passion for tennis. His second novel, Soulware, was a finalist for book of the year in science fiction from Foreword magazine.

Paul Black

Margaret H. Bonham

Margaret H. Bonham:

(Shadow Helm) Maggie is the author of Prophecy of Swords from Yard Dog Press, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Labrador Retrievers, and several other works of fantasy fiction and dog training (although none are about both). Currently a freelance editor for Wiley Publishing/Howell Book House, Maggie enjoys racing sled dogs, climbing mountains, and is a brownbelt in Shotokan karate.

Peter Bradley:

(Ravenchilde Illustrations) Peter is an artist. His resume might focus on his work as a designer, a printer, a teacher, and a web designer but it's his twenty-plus years as a freelance illustrator that brings him to FenCon. A resident of Oklahoma, Peter is tech-savvy, CAD-certified, and a new face for 2005. His current projects include being the artist for the castles and crusades role playing game and Gary Gygax's Castle Zagyg.

Peter Bradley

Renee Brown

Renee Brown:

( Renee is the author of Luna Ascending: Stories of Love and Magic, from Artemis Press; and the author of an award-winning short story on the Once Upon a World "Love in All Dimensions" CD anthology. She is currently looking for a publisher for her novel "Winterland," which combines a unique fantasy setting with figure skating. An animal lover, Renee urges everyone to consider a donation to the Humane Society's Disaster Relief Fund.

Rachel Caine:

( A resident of Arlington, Texas, Rachel has just released the third novel in her wildly popular Weather Warden series, Chill Factor. Rachel has been writing and publishing short stories and novels since 1991. A former professional musician, she considers herself a movie buff and a TV addict. Rachel credits her friend Roxanne for getting her started in the business of writing and says she owes her pal Julie a fortune for all her support.

Rachel Caine

Lillian Stewart Carl

Lillian Stewart Carl:

( Lillian Stewart Carl is a widely-acclaimed author with ten novels and numerous short stories in print. Her vast range of fiction covers science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, and romance. (In her words, "all the good stuff.") Lillian's hobbies include Celtic folk/rock and crossword puzzles. Her latest novel, Lucifer's Crown, is now available from Five Star Press.

David Cherry:

( David is an award-winning artist and we're both honored and thrilled that he has agreed to make a rare convention appearance at FenCon II. His complete biography is coming soon.

David Cherry

Cat Conrad

Cat Conrad:

( Cat is an award-winning artist, a past member of both the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists and the International Association of Astronomical Artists, and a resident of Texas. Cat's work has been published on the covers of several books and both the program and schedule guides for FenCon 2004.

Carole Nelson Douglas:

(Official Site) Carole is the acclaimed author of nearly 50 novels including the best-selling Midnight Louie stories and a master of the fantasy mystery. Her latest Irene Adler suspense novel, Spider Dance, is being released just in time for FenCon II. Carole has also contrbuted a story to the forthcoming Cemetery Dance collection of collaborations with the late Edgar Allen Poe.

Carole Nelson Douglas and Midnight Louie Jr.

P. N. Elrod

P. N. Elrod:

( Pat is one of the top writers of vampire fiction in the world. Her Jack Fleming and Jonathan Barrett novels have been published around the planet in several languages. Pat's interests are wide-ranging and there's a better than fair chance you'll see her on our wildly popular Stargate SG-1 panel at FenCon II. Her 11th Jack Fleming novel, Song in the Dark, is due out in September, just before FenCon.

Rhonda Eudaly:

( (new URL!) Rhonda is the author of several published short stories, has inked music review columns for regional publications, has penned technical manuals, advertising copy, and contributed essays to anthologies. Bottom line--she's a writer. A graduate of TCU, Rhonda collects pens, swords, smiley faces, and "things alien." FenCon welcomes her back for 2005.

Rhonda Eudaly

Melanie Fletcher

Melanie Fletcher:

(Hoosier Red's Joint - new url!) Melanie says she's been writing pretty much all of her life, starting with her childhood fixations on dinosaurs and Greek/Roman gods. Now that she's all grown up, she's a SFWA member published in three countries with two novels and a bunch of stories to her credit.

Generic Radio Workshop:

(Generic Radio Workshop) The Generic Radio Workshop has been around longer than the Golden Age of Radio lasted -- a little over twenty years. They started with the Texas Broadcast Museum (later the National Museum of Communications) and have performed at festivals, conventions, and yes, on the radio. They use as much vintage equipment as they can lay their hands on for that "old time radio" look and feel. Plus, many of their sound effects devices are hand-built, following period designs. While they have made a few concessions to modern technology, at the core they follow the practices of radio's Golden Age.

Generic Radio Workshop

Joe Giacoio

Joe Giacoio:

( Joe, a native of the Bronx, is an award-winning guitar player and an accomplished folk musician. Described by some as simultaneously quirky and classic, he is a new face in our 2005 guest lineup and a close personal friend of Carla Ulbrich. His debut CD, Superman's Midlife Crisis, is available online or at a store near you.

David Gray:

(Book Tree) David grew up with radio programs of the early 1950s like Space Patrol and the early TV space programs: Tom Corbett, Space Cadet and Captain Video. The vision of the '50s had no limit, and that was why it was magical. When space became mundane, part of the magic went out of it. After all these years, there is a place inside David where it is still 1955, and space beckons with the promise of high adventure.

David Gray

Beverly A. Hale

Beverly A. Hale:

(Beverly A. Hale at Yard Dog Press) Beverly is an accomplished fantasy author with several novels to her credit, including The Happiness Box and The Essence of Stone.

Angeline Hawkes-Craig:

( Angeline is a former teacher and current resident of Texas. She says her writing crosses many genres but she's best known for her horror, fantasy, and speculative fiction. Angeline has several novels to her credit, including The Swan Road and On Dragon's Wings. We welcome Angeline as a new face in our 2005 guest lineup.

Angeline Hawkes-Craig

Charlee Jacob

Charlee Jacob:

(Charlee Jacob bibliography) Charlee is becoming a major name in the "extreme horror" genre with hundreds of short stories (over 200!) and poems (almost 600!) in print. A native of Texas, she has four novels in print, including Vestal from Delirium Books released in July 2005.

Joe R. Lansdale

Joe R. Lansdale:

( Joe has over 20 books in print ranging from suspense to horror to mystery and beyond. He's a Texas legend, a five-time Bram Stoker award winner, a two-time inductee into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and a nominee for the 2005 World Fantasy Award for his collection Mad Dog Summer and Other Stories. Joe lives in Nacogdoches with his wife, Karen. The new cult classic Bubba Ho-Tep starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis is based on one of Joe's stories. We are honored that Joe agreed to return as our guest for 2005.

Joy Marie Ledet:

(Joy Marie Ledet) Joy is an artist. Perhaps best known for her whimsical sculptures of dragons and teddy bears, she is also quite talented with pencil, pen, and paintbrush on a 2-D level. Joy has won dozens of awards for her art, including a 1998 Chesley for Best Monochrome Work (Unpublished). Her clay sculpting demonstration is always quite memorable so be sure to attend. We are happy she has made special arrangements to join us in 2005.

Joy Marie Ledet

Lee Martindale

Lee Martindale:

( Lee writes short stories, poems, songs, and all sorts of fun stuff. She once told a reporter that asked Lee to describe herself in ten words, "Poet, songsmith, teller of tales, lover, student, teacher, warrior...Bard." Her latest stories appear in the anthologies Sword and Sorceress XXI from DAW and Turn the Other Chick, fifth in Baen's "Chicks in Chainmail" series, both released in late 2004.

Ardath Mayhar:

(Renaissance E-Books) Ardath began her writing career in 1979 after a lifetime of experiences in Texas and around the world. She's been nominated for the Nebula Award, won both the Mark Twain Award and the Balrog Award, and has a box full of nominations for awards in almost every fiction genre you can name. From her SFnal classic The World Ends in Hickory Hollow to horror to young adult to romance, Ardath has written it all (in over 60 books!) and won over fans and critics alike every time. Joe R. Lansdale says simply, "Ardath Mayhar writes damn fine books!"

Ardath Mayhar

Margaret Middleton

Margaret Middleton:

(A Page Of My Own by Margaret Middleton) Margaret has spent the last eighteen years or so working for the Arkansas Highway Department and the last seven-plus years designing "mazes" (aka construction zones). If you've ever been stuck in Arkansas traffic, have a chat with Margaret. Oh, and she's been a filker for almost thirty years and a convention-going SF fan for just a wee bit longer than that. We're happy to have her back at our convention in 2005.

John Moore:

(Books by John Moore) John is a Houston resident, an engineer, a popular fantasy author, and a new guest for FenCon in 2005. His stories have appeared in such publications as New Destinies, Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Realms of Fantasy, Fantastic Stories, and many more. John's Heroics for Beginners is out from Ace Books and his latest, The Unhandsome Prince also from Ace, was released this spring.

John Moore

October Country

October Country:

( October Country is Casey Sledge and Shaddow Walter. Back by popular demand after appearing at FenCon 2004, this Celtic-influenced band plays original music and titles from the folk, Celtic, and pop genres.

Gloria Oliver:

( Gloria has published a number of short stories, including "The Bubbas of Troy County" in the Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse anthology, and the Japanese fantasy novel In Service of Samurai. This novel was a 2004 "Eppie" finalist for Electronically Published Fantasy Novel of the Year. A native of Puerto Rico, Gloria currently resides in Texas. Her latest novel is the fantasy mystery "The Vassal of El," a 2005 Eppie nominee, from Zumaya Publications.

Gloria Oliver

Teresa Patterson

Teresa Patterson:

(ASFA website) Teresa is a longtime fan and the co-author of a number of guides to the works of some top authors. These include The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time co-authored with Robert Jordan and The World of Shanarra co-authored with Terry Brooks. She is the winner of a 2004 Chesley Award for her work for ASFA above and beyond officer duties. Teresa is also a balloon sculptor and currently serves as secretary of the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists.

Rob Preece:

(Books For A Buck) Rob is a martial arts expert, weapons guru, and a publisher of e-books. You might remember him from the martial arts demonstrations he performed at FenCon 2004. Rob is also a nominee for the Romance Writers of America's 2005 Golden Heart award for "Best Romantic Suspense Manuscript." Quite a complex person and one we're happy to welcome back for 2005.

Rob Preece

Dusty Rainbolt

Dusty Rainbolt:

( Dusty writes science fiction, humor, paranormal mysteries, and cat product reviews. A Texas resident, she scuba and sky dives for fun when not chasing after her herd of cats. Her books include the informational Kittens for Dummies and the novel All the Marbles.

M. T. Reiten:

(M. T. Matt has published several short stories with more sold and awaiting publication. His latest is "Needle Child" in Writers of the Future, Volume XXI released this summer. A veteran of the United States Army, Matt is currently a doctoral candidate in electrical engineering at Oklahoma State University. He's yet another new face for FenCon II.

M. T. Reiten

Selina Rosen

Selina Rosen:

(Selina's Personal Webpage) Selina is the publisher of Yard Dog Press and a fixture in southwest convention fandom. A writer since the age of 12, she now has several novels in print and is an internationally published short fiction writer. CJ Cherryh says "she writes really good, wise, funny and serious books." Selina's personal story is a fascinating one and we're happy to welcome her as a new guest for FenCon II.

Rie Sheridan:

( She says she's been writing since she first picked up a crayon. Rie has published short stories online in half a dozen ezines and websites. Her poetry has appeared in print magazines such as Mythic Circle and Dreams of Decadence. Her most popular stories to date are the Adventures of Bruce and Roxanne, humorous horror shorts available as Dollar Downloads from Echelon Press. Rie lives in Texas with her new husband Newell and three cats, all spoiled rotten.

Rie Sheridan

Wm. Mark Simmons

Wm. Mark Simmons:

(PerSimmons) Mark describes himself as a writer, a filker, and a demiurge-in-training. With three novels in his "Dreamland Chronicles" series and two novels in his "HalfLife" series in print, this Missouri native is well on his way. Mark's "day job" is as the general manager and program director for KEDM (90.3FM) in Monroe, Louisiana. Dead On My Feet comes out in paperback in October 2005 with Habeas Corpses following in hardcover in November.

Libby Smith Singleton:

( Libby is a two-time winner of the Little Rock Free Press' Fiction Writing Contest. Currently, she's working on a script intended for stage as well as several projects for Hanthercraft Publications based on the on-going Tandra Universe. She has written SF, fantasy, horror, gay and lesbian fiction, and Southern fiction. She's also frequently seen on stage at theaters in the Little Rock area. Libby is an Administrative Assistant for the State of Arkansas. She lives with three cats and one toothless "mostly Fox terrier" canine.

Libby Smith Singleton

Brad Sinor

Brad Sinor:

(Brad Sinor at Zette's World) Brad is a writer and a fan and a photographer. If you've seen photos of a con in the midwest there's a chance Brad was behind the camera. Brad has published several books and short stories and has a chapbook released in late 2004, written with his wife Sue, from Yard Dog Press.

Susan P. Sinor:

(Susan P. Sinor at Yard Dog Press) Sue is a writer and a fan and a frequent collaborator with her husband, Brad. She and Brad co-authored a chapbook called Playing With Secrets released in late 2004 from Yard Dog Press. We're happy to see them both returning for FenCon II.

Susan P. Sinor



( Spriggan is a Celtic band with a bent. They play music from Ireland, Scotland, England, the Shetlands, immigrant songs from the US, and the odd original tune. A fan favorite in 2004, FenCon is pleased to welcome Gypsy Youngraven, Misha James, Chris Arterburn, and Candy Winship back for 2005.

Catherine Spangler:

( Catherine is a multi-faceted author, a native of Tennessee, and a mother of two. Best known for her "Shielder" series of paranormal romance, Catherine is also a contributor to BenBella Books' forthcoming Charmed non-fiction book. Her book Shadow Fires is a finalist for the 2005 RITA for Best Paranormal Romance.

Catherine Spangler

John Steakley

John Steakley:

( John is a talented writer and the author of Armor and Vampire$, only one of which has been made into a major motion picture starring James Woods. A native Texan, John started his career in science fiction with "The Bluenose Limit" in the March 1981 issue of Amazing. He is currently hard at work on a new novel rumored to be a sequel to Armor.

Bill Sutton:

(Bill Sutton's Pile of BS) Bill is a talented filker, an occasional columnist for The Danedelion Report, and a fan of the Indiana Pacers. In his spare time between performances he enjoys Irish music, homebrew beer, and trains. Bill spends 9 to 5 chilling at Hewlett-Packard, working at a desk with a funny little placard, paying the bills with his mad technology skills. Oh, and he is a two-time Pegasus winner, nine-time Pegasus nominee, and the husband of Brenda Sutton.

Bill Sutton

Brenda Sutton

Brenda Sutton:

(Brenda Sutton's Bilthely) Brenda is another new face at FenCon II. A self-described Navy brat, she is a mother who loves to cook but hates to clean, an internet content specialist, and a geneaology buff. An accomplished solo filk artist, Brenda is also one of four members of the group Three Weird Sisters. Brenda is a three-time Pegasus winner, three-time Pegasus nominee, and the wife of Bill Sutton.

Shanna Swendson:

( Shanna is an author, a good friend of fellow guest Jane Archer, and another new face for 2005. Her novel Enchanted Inc. is just out from Ballantine and the sequel, Once Upon Stilettos, is due out in May 2006. Born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Shanna is a voracious reader and loves both watching television science fiction and discussing on the internet.

Shanna Swendson

Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner:

( Jeff is a prolific writer with stories appearing in such diverse anthologies as "Fear of the Dark" and "Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse." He is in negotiations to sell the rights to his screenplay Daytraders as a major motion picture. His first anthology, Fundamentally Challenged, is available online through his website. He does, in fact, appear on film.

Carla Ulbrich:

( Carla bills herself as a professional smart aleck but she's really a hilarious, much-in-demand singer and songwriter. Her work appears regularly on Doctor Demento and she tours relentlessly. A South Carolina native, she is the founder of the Difficult Last Name Club and understandably particular about how you say and spell her name. We're thrilled beyond mere words that Carla is returning for 2005.

Carla Ulbrich

Thomas M. Wagner

T.M. Wagner:

(SF Martin is the publisher of where he reviews science fiction novels and nothing but. No TV series or movie critiques, no media tie-in books, or gaming notes on the site--just reviews of SF novels. A resident of Texas, Martin is a new face for FenCon II. (Yes, that's an actual photo of Martin.)

Steven E. Wedel:

( Steve is an award-winning short fiction writer with a knack for werewolf stories. A life-long Oklahoman, he holds a master's degree in liberal studies, creative writing emphasis, from the University of Oklahoma and a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Central Oklahoma. Steve has worked as a machinist, newspaper reporter, corporate writer and public relations director, among other things. Steve has several books to his credit and his first novel, Shara, was published in 2003 by 3F Publications. His latest book, Call to the Hunt, is out now from Scrybe Press.

Steve Wedel

Mel. White

Mel. White:

(Mel. White) Mel is a student anthropologist, expert on internet culture, a writer of science fiction and fantasy, and a fine artist. Her writing is "on hold" until she graduates later this year but Mel is a vibrant panelist and a fun new addition to FenCon II.

Glenn Yeffeth:

(BenBella Books) Glenn is the publisher of BenBella Books, a company he named for his children Benjamin and Isabella. A former corporate executive, Glenn says he formed BenBella "in a desperate attempt to avoid real work." In fact, he has grown BenBella into one of the premier publishers of new and classic science fiction and fantasy as well as "smart pop" non-fiction. We welcome Glenn as a new face for FenCon II.

Glenn Yeffeth

Guest Update: We regret to announce that Bedlam Bards, Julia Blackshear Kosatka, Tracy S. Morris, Sasha Miller, Scott Cupp, Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Scott A. Johnson, and Bob Gunner will be unable to attend FenCon this year. We hope their situations and schedules permit them to attend in the future.

If you are interested in being a guest at FenCon III in 2006, please send us an e-mail. Please include a few brief biographical notes and send a current photo, if possible. Thanks.

Last updated 22 September 2005